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The international crime is considered those deeds to disturb the inter¬ests of the separate states, rubbing out the rights of humans known on the international levels, and which are unlawful against the international law defined in the standards of international law. In the science of the international right the categories of” International crime” and ” the crime of the international characteristic” are distinguished from one another. The crime of the slaughter is concerned to the category of international crime. The main articles of those crimes were expressed in the adjustment of the International Military Tribunal ( Nurnberg and Tokio) which was set up after the second world war.
For the recommendation of the slaughter of Khojaly as the international crime the following juridical principles must be considered: 1. The Convention preventing and punishing of the crime of the Slaugh¬ter adopted with the decision of 260 ( III) on the 9 th December of 1948of the Meeting of the chief of UNO ( that convention was on power since1951);2. The adjustment of the Nurenberg Military Tribunals ( Though in theadjustment there wasn’t directly shown the crime of slaughter, the deedsof the slaughter were considered like the crimes of the wars and crimesagainst humanity;3. The adjustment of the International Crime Tribunal of Yugoslavia ( artide 7 4);4. The international Statement International Crime Tribunal of Rouanda (article.1);5. The status of the International Crimes’ Court.( article.6);6. The Crimes’ Code of the Azerbaijan Republic. ( article 103);7. The order of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic “About theslaughter of the Azerbaijani) dated to the 26 March of 1998.
The international justice defined the followings closed with the Interna-tional Justice slaughter.1. The  of crime judgement of the persons who created the slaughter is inevitable.2. Not only the executors of the crime of the slaughter rouse the of crimeresponsibility but also those attempt for to create the slaughter, the directlyor openly   instigator to the slaughter, effort for to slaughter or to take part in the slaughter.3. The universal juridicals must be put into practice against those who created the crime of slaughter .4. The execution of the order of creating the slaughter doesn’t free himfrom the crime responsibility.5. The leaders are responsible for not to carry out the measures againstthe creating the crime of slaughter.6. The articles of to be directed to the articles of the crime responsibility is nor put into practice on the crimes of slaughter.7. The retroactive practice of the law is allowed according to the crimeof slaughter.8. Those who created the crime of the slaughter must be given to thedemanded state for to be directed to the crime responsibility.Some crimes created in the conflict of Armenia-Azerbaijan, Mountainous Garabagh found their expression in the Criminal Code of the Azerbaijan Re¬public like the international crime. But it doesn’t exclude the crime respon¬sibility of those who created that crime. Because the thesis of the necessity of the responsibility for the international crimes noted above has already adopted by the International Unity and is on use like the norm of tradition of the international justice. That is why the savagery created against Azerbai¬jani are known by the known like the international crime basing on the right principles adopted by the international world, nothing can free those who created those crimes from the responsibility of crime   .Just because of it there is legal base for of demanding the persons who crated the crime during Armenia-Azerbaijan, Mountainous Garabagh and judging of them. Leaning against those legal base there must be made rules in the direction of finding the persons who created the crime, demand¬ing of them, and judging at the court.In order to compare the tragedy of Khojaly with the Khatun slaughter, Khirosima and Nagasaki misfortune I want to direct your attention towards the words of French journalist Jan iv Juist who was the witness of that ac¬cident.” I have much heard about the cruelty. But the Armenians left them behind by killing the children of 5-6 ages and the civic population.Leonid Kravets – the military pilot, major. “On the 26 of the February I escaped the wounded from Stepanakert and I saw them off and I was returning from the gate of Asgaran. Suddenly I saw something strong spot in the down. At that time the flight mechanic cried.” Look at the women and children there!” We counted approximately. The armed soldiers were walk¬ing among the 2 hundreds of corpses that were thrown about the upward.We flied there hurriedly and we made efforts for to take the corpses. The corpses of the women, infants and old men thrown about shook us. The lo¬cal police captain was together with us. He became like mad when seeing his 4 years old son among the corpses being cleaved his head. We could take some corpses before they began to shoot us”.Daud Kheyriyan – the Armenian who was the witness of the slaughter of Khojaly writes the followings:” On the 2-nd of March the Armenian group of “Gaflan” gathered about 100 Azerbaijani corpses and burnt in the one kilometer’s west of Khojaly. In the last car I saw a girl of ten years old who was wounded on her forehead and hands. That girl was alive in spite of starvation, cold or the wounds she got. She could hardly breath. One of the Armenian soldiers by the name of Tigranyan took that motionless girl and threw her towards the corpses and then he burnt them”.V.Welix – The correspondent of the newspaper of “Izvestiya”. At times there were brought to Agdam the corpses of the Azerbaijani exchanged with the alive hostages. It is impossible to dream such a horrible accident : The pulled out eyes, the cut heads, the pieces of chopped bodies were tied one another, the naked corpses dragging after the armoured car. There was not the limit of savagery”.Vladimir Savelyev: the chief of the counter-intelligence in the military unite numbered 02270: In his “secret -certificate” it is said thus that a man was horrified hearing the voices of the dogs and jackals round the hollows where the corpses were heaped up.Karabelnikov I. (the Russian officer): ” The chief of the staff of the first battalion , major Abram Chitchiyan shot the family of Babayevs consisting of 13 persons. For his “bravery’ he was given 150 thousands dollar by the French Armenian diaspor. And he was praised by the “Prize of Church” which was the best praising.”It has been proved that the slaughter of Khojaly was just genocide. It had been considered beforehand to kill the people for their national marks. The intention of the Armenians was proved according to the international and law inside of state. The savagery and vandalism of the aggressive Armenians must be known on the same level with the tragedies of Khatin and Sonqmi which are known by the progressive humanity like the genocide. That crime against the humanity must get its real value.The representative of the state of Indiana at the USA Congress, the member of the Committee of the International Relations, congressman Dan Barton reported at the House of Representatives. In his report he called the people to know the slaughter of Khojaly. It shows that the American public are aware of that slaughter in which the human rights were trampled. It also informs about the intention of the people of the world for to put an end that barbarism.The congressman also directed the attention of his colleagues to the facts of killing of women, children, adults ruthlessly even insulting of the corpses. He also noted that he was sure that the international public would break the silence ice on that problem after the USA congress knew the Khojaly tragedy.It is pity that the slaughter of Khojaly which were resulted with the dis-turbing of a number of people’s rights hasn’t got its real mark on the inter¬national scale. There were not any drastic ceremonies against the terrorist, invading policy of the Armenians. The time of adopting the new decisions according to the standards of the international law has already reached.I appeal to the unity of the world, esteemed international organizations and the world people with hope. With hopes in my heart I believe that it would be put an end to the long-dated Armenian aggression against Azer¬baijan, to the policy of terror, and rubbing out the rights of the people on mass form. I also believe that abolishing of that painful conflict by the way of peace and by means of negotiation would be supported, the hundreds of people who turned into refugees would return to their own lands and their constitution rights would be restored.I believe that the authoritative international organizations would support the right position of Azerbaijan, the Armenian terrorists and their support¬ers would be called to account for the aggressive slaughter of Khojaly, the sanctions would be applied against the invading state of Armenia by the plenipotentiary international organizations.Azerbaijan being member of UNO and the European Council has taken a step to the new millennium. It was directed to the substantial guarantee of the civic society and civic rights. It chose the way of democratic develop¬ment. It is legal state civil state respecting to the authoritative organizations and observing the international conventions and laws. It must not be al¬lowed their partiality against the countries by those organizations.,The Mister President llham Aliyev directed the attention of the world public to the bloody crimes, the acts of terror, execution of 100 thousands of people or their deportation from their own lands. He told that the hor¬rible tragedy of the XX century-the tragedy of Khojaly was the continuation of the dirty policy of the Armenians against our people and it was the real genocide. From time to time the Armenians created horrible tragedies and executions against Azerbaijani in the territory of Azerbaijan. But by falsify¬ing the history they try to present it to the world public like the tragedy of Ar¬menians. Those who created that tragedy not only covered up those crimes but also they pretend their running the slaughter. Even in some cases, in different countries they achieved falsifying of the history and to hide the re¬ality. It is necessary to send the facts closed with the graveyard discovered in Guba to the Parliaments of the countries of the world, especially to the states which believed in the Armenian propaganda and adopted decisions on the Armenia slaughter. As a result of it we must prove to all the world that the slaughter of Armenians was made up by the Armenians themselves. We must reinforce the fighting measure, against the Armenian betrayal, falsifying, and lies. It must be fought systematically, and must be ruled by one centre.Today the world must know in details that the slaughter of Khojaly was the real genocide. Nothing is forgotten. All the crimes directed against the humanity must not remain unpunished. The bloody-handed criminals who deprived the humans of rights must answer for their evil-wisher crimes at the court of progressive mankind, at the court of judge and at the court of the history.


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