Posted by: IT Team | February 13, 2011


In the XX century the Armenians encroached against the Azerbaijani people, they created slaughters. The most horrible of those slaughters took place in Khojaly.
Haydar Aliyev



Our people confronted with a lot of misfortune in their centuries -old his-tory. In different periods of the XX century our disgraced neighbors and their supporters carried mass slaughter against our people. As a result of it we lost the most parts of our eternal lands.The leaders of the former USSR didn’t give political value to the demonstrations of Armenians which started with the calling of uniting Mountainous Garabagh with Armenia. The leaders of the USSR did none of the necessary measures. As a result of all these in a short time the situation became more aggravated both in the territory of Moun¬tainous Garabagh and in the regions around it. It came to a conclu¬sion with the burning of the places where the Azerbaijani people lived, the population of those lands were executed. The slaughters created by the Armenian nationalists in the villages of Malibeyli, Qushchular, Garadagli were the sign for Khojaly which was situated on the front line of the war.The occupation military junction directed the next attack against the city of Khojaly . Just 19 years ago, in the night of 25 th of February passing to the 26 th of February in the city of Khojaly of the region of Mountainous Garabagh of Azerbaijan Republic there took place a tragedy which is the most horrible in the history of the wars. That tragedy was created together with the Armenian armed unities and the 366 th moto-shooting regiment of the former Soviet Union. That regiment was placed in the village of Khojaly. The most officers of the personnel staff of that regiment were Armenians. The heavy technique of that regiment were brought to the city in three di¬rections. The population of the city defended their city bravely with the light arms they had but they couldn’t undergo to the army which were armed from head to foot. The houses were destroyed and were burnt. The peace¬ful people were obliged to leave the city and began to run to the city of Agdam along the river of Qargar. But near the village of Nakhchivanik they met with the armed Armenians and the real slaughter took place. The chil¬dren, the women, the old men, invalids run the oppression and they were executed ruthlessly. Those who created the slaughter of Khojaly killed the population of the city with special savagery, they burnt them while alive, they skinned off their heads, or pulled out their eyes.The next slaughter, genocide of the aggressive Armenians against the people of Azerbaijan-the slaughter of Khojaly put an end the life of 613 persons, including 106 women, 63 infants, 70 old men. 487 per¬sons became invalids. 1275 peaceful persons were captivated, 150 persons were lost.As a result of that slaughter some families were absolutely killed, the civil citizens were killed savagely, they tortured to those who were captivated.That bloody night, on which one city was rubbed off from the Earth, and the guiltless infants, adults, women of that city were killed ruthlessly there took place the most horrible tragedy in the history of human. The fact is that  night the human rights of the people, firstly the right of living were disoreded.By the way, it must be noted that since the beginning of the war about 4354 persons were lost. There are valid information about their being kept like a hostage in Armenia and in the territory of Azerbaijan occupied by them. Azerbaijan which was exposed to the aggression of the Armenia con¬fronted with the problems of the fate of the persons who were lost or were taken hostage. The Armenia and theThe separatist regime of Mountainous Garabagh roughly disturb the standards of international law and they hide those persons from the inter-national organizations.


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