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“The Khojali genocide with its inconceivable cruelty and inhuman punitive methods, was completely targeted against the people of Azerbaijan and represents a barbarian act in the history of humankind. At the same time, this genocide was a historical crime against humanity”.

Heydar  Aliyev National Leader of Azerbaijan Nation


“The tragedy in Khojaly has deeply hurt the heart of every Azerbaijani living in different countries of the world and will never be forgotten. The genocide committed by Armenian nationalists against Azerbaijanis in Khojaly has resulted in death of hundreds of innocent people. Khojaly tragedy is one of the most horrible crimes committed against humanity in XX century. I wish no nation to undergo such a tragedy in its history”..

Mehriban Aliyeva, President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO


… Sometimes we have marched on dead bodies. In order to cross a swamp near Dashbulag, we have paved a road composed of dead bodies. I refused to march on dead bodies. Then colonel Oganyan ordered me not to scare. It is one of military laws. I have pressed my one foot onto the breast of a wounded girl aged 9 or 10 years and marched…My legs, my photo camera were in blood…

Daud Kheyriyan, “For the sake of Cross…”, page 24, published by “Ash-Sharg” (East) agency in Beirut


“…We were witnesses of Khojaly massacre, we saw the dead bodies of hundreds of civilians- women, children, old-age people and defenders of Khojaly. We managed to fly by helicopter, we were taking photographs of every-thing we saw around Khojaly at a height of a bird’s flight. However Armenians started shooting our helicopter and we couldn’t manage to finish our job. That was a terrible scene. I heard a lot about wars, about cruelty of German fascists, but Armenians went beyond them, killing 5 or 6 year-old child¬ren, innocent people. We saw a lot of injured people in hospitals; carriages, even in kindergarten and school buildings.”

Jean-Ive-Yunet, journalist (France)


“… The dead-bodies exchanged for the alive hostages are occasionally brought to Agdara. You won’t see it even in a nightmare: pierced out eyes, cut off ears, scalped heads, cut off heads. A number of corpses were dragged by ropes after the armed personnel earners. There was no limit to humiliation…”

V. Belykh ,“Izvestia” newspaper reporter


“…They persuaded that we were Christians and we had to fight against Moslems. They kept us in awful subhuman conditions, we couldn’t bear being there and we had desert the regiment and escape to Khojaly…”

Yuri Yakovitch, the private of infantry regiment no 366

Khojaly Genocide


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